Hello world,

My name is Kulundra. I am a poet, and photographer. My passion is to share with the world, all the beauty which I see around me. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but this does nothing to inhibit my passion and love for life.

My posts will be full of verse, lyrical and photos of unexpected moments. I have a passion for poetry verging on effervescence and I wish to share my passion with the world!! Some of my photography and a showcase of my work can be found on my site, http://www.wix.com/geniiprogeny/kulundras-whispers.

The First thing I would like to share with you all, is the poem, I find is the most melancholic piece I have written. It is called Alone.

Surrounded by a thousand souls, I cannot hear their laughter,

in the crowd, I feel her tears, drowned out by the chatter.

Her face downcast, her eyes set forth a torrent of her pain,

I watch her standing by herself, my heart begins to wane.

A child of the sun, she usually laughs and sets the world ablaze.

Her sun is eclipsed and the rain starts to fall, her mind becomes a haze.

Whence has gone the joy she had, i feel her heart is bleeding.

Too young for love and yet too old, there is aught she is needing.

Alone amidst a sea of hearts, hers is the one that cries,

she looks up into my eyes, make haste before she dies.

I wrap my hands around her pain and put it to my mind,

her soul cries out a slow lament, I fear what I should find.

Melancholy has taken in, a torment to her heart,

She leans against my chest and weeps, my world just fell apart.

 “How do I stem this pain dear child? I wish to see you smile,”

“Just say my name, it is your voice which helps keep me alive…”

This poem, was written in a dark period, what I refer to as my ‘Kali Yuga’ or dark ages. This was the creation of a troubled teenager. The girl in the poem is a universal character, meant to represent anyone, but in a purer sense, she is the child in me.

I go by the name of Kulundra, which means in a language I constructed, ‘Darkness’. This is not an ’emo’ thing, but as more of a reminder, that we are multi faceted figures. Kulundra represents the duality of human nature, and serves as a reminder to me that we are all fragile.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog, please do visit my site or add me on Facebook, (Kenny Morel “Kulundra”)