Dear world,

Today, I sing a new song. Something that appeals to the child in all of us. T’is a song of innocence, like a lullaby.

An ode to the child in us, the small person who smiles at rainbows and sings in the rain. The naive babe that cries for heartbreaks and dawdles lovers names all over ledgers. I sing to the musings of poets and the tears of grief…the smile of strangers and to the love of mothers. Sing for me, Kulundra.

The rain that whispers, pitter, patter,
I hear the raindrops softly chatter,
the night wind sings your name to me,
A sleep inducing melody.

The starlight carries down the tune,
tonight I sing beneath the moon,
an angel in the heaven smiled,
I sing this song to you my child.

The owl wing slivers through the gloom,
My body slumbers in my room,
my spirit wanders in your stead,
Standing guard above your bed.

Your voice has carried through the night,
sighing like a bird in flight,
I lift your hair and kiss your skin,
and place my hand beneath your chin.

This is a tribute to your face,
that I wish I could embrace,
Your lips that are of silken hues,
I write this song for you my muse…

For when the night whispered her name, I heard it on the wind…