A word to the wind. 

To my girl, I leave my heart,

Of me, she is the greater part.

My love will ever haunt her mind,

a love as mine, she will not find.

Though her heart cries tears of blood,

her eyes release this pent up flood.

A kiss I leave upon this note,

to keep upon her face.

A lock of hair for our child to come,

He, I wish I could embrace.

To my mother I leave my soul,

upon it I have no physical hold.

My body I must now depart,

to my bearer, my essence I now impart.

For she had been the first to feel,

though a child to her had been no weal,

To endure and love, tough had it been,

I leave my soul to you my Queen.

To my father I leave my hate,

upon you my curse shall not abate.

When you shall run and try to fight,

the pain you caused will haunt your nights.

In my life, you were but spite,

from my hate you’ll have no respite.

Though I am no better, for now I die,

for life ruined, my child will never cry.

Sing for me,