For dreams come to us in hours of slumber, and fill our heads with impossibilities. “For though my mind and body still, my spirit holds on to it’s quill, to write these verses for you to keep, so tonight you be safe in your sleep”

I write to you a lullaby, to set you on your way, to keep the nightmares from your door, and for your dreams I pray. This is a poet’s song for you…

I saw her eyes in dreamer’s night,

I heard her voice in song.

The poet captured by her sight,

now for her he does long…


For when she touched her hand to his,

he wrote a lullaby

to praise the heavens for her kiss

and hear never goodbye…


She stayed a long while in his heart,

her song did soothe his mind.

He loved her in his silent art,

‘forever she be mine’


And when she left his spirit tore,

his body ripped apart,

I’ll love you, girl, for evermore,

You’re always in my heart.


My pain could never be your own,

for woman’s hearts are strong,

that I love you I have known,

I tell you; I was wrong.


I will be yours till I die,

for you have seen me cry…

I’m sorry for all I have done,

This is your lullaby.

Whisper my name…