Friends that mark your heart, people who share little moments with you…some people who are just outright nice. Little angels that make you smile with their gentility and their love for beauty. 

I sing to your little soul, O Sonia, friend of mine. May you keep us in your wings, and your smile be on us for a long time more…

A tiny statuette of glass

That gently glitters in the sun;

Her radiant beauty will not pass,

Of softer beauties, she is one.


I hear the music in her voice

And see the sunlight in her smile.

I watch her gentle silhouettes poise;

And dream about her all the while.


The sweetest song that nature sings,

The wind that sighs her name to me.

I breathe the melody it brings,

And whisper that her soul were free.


I close my eyes so not to see

The frailty of her crystal heart.

An ode to beauty that is pure,

Simplicity sets her apart.


The cookie crumbles in my hand,

As setting sun I put to sleep.

I write her name down in the sand,

Sonia, to my heart I keep.


Sing for me,