When friends tears bathe the ground, hands and words are offered in return…how many are sincere? Where does the limit of understanding end for the loss of a loved one? A sister, a brother, a mother…

I sing to those who have lost a part of their souls in the untimely death of a loved one…

I see a teardrop in your eye,

and pray for you no harm

I sing to you a lullaby,

so you sleep in my arms.


I write for you, your own lovesong,

for your love that is lost

I’ll keep from you all that is wrong,

no matter what the cost.


I’d bring the mountains to their knees,

and fight the rolling sea.

I’d hold the sky, and tame the breeze,

so you would smile at me.


I see your teardrop linger still

and place it on your lips.

I taste it, you are sweeter still

for love borne on your hips.


For I would tear the earth apart

and run a thousand miles,

to keep forever to your heart

and see you always smile.


Whisper my name,