Pain shared between people are intense: anger, sorrow and betrayal. Humiliation and hurt. People hurt each other whether they intend to or not. This darkness within our nature scares us…so I sing, “Keep the darkness from my doors…”

The cloudless sky bleeds into night,

by the hour of the dusk.

Radiant in the softened light

the mellow nuances of dust.


The moon sits on her azure perch

and guides in twilight still

Over the cane fields shed her sight

dancing for the fading bright.


Keep the darkness from my doors,

prayer to the mistress moon.

Beckons to the dancer wind,

that where heart lies I be soon.


Lead me to my safe repose,

where heads still and emotions lie.

Feed my hunger, words and song

softly where my spirit cry.


In darkness sweet, her tears will fly

As they do float, away I shy.

Touch me not for I am scared,

My frightened soul tonight was bared.


Sing for me,