If I could find the words to say,

I’d say you take my breath away.

In fiery oaths that lovers cry,

In your eyes love eternal lie.


Our bodies wound in throes of heat,

Your moans are like an angel’s sigh.

They peal like pearls of summer rain,

your skin of silk feels sweetened pain.


My lips upon your skin they crawl,

your body arched with passion’s flood.

In eyes of brown, my heart will fall,

you light the fire in my blood.


Tell me there is aught you’d do,

but spend forever in my dreams.

I will not see this moment gone,

but hold you till our days are done.


I love you, sweet child of the sun,

your lips do set my soul ablaze.

For all my journey came to this,

till now my eyes, you still amaze.


I breathe your name when night does sing,

like laced wings of butterflies,

Your touch to me a comfort brings,

I’d drown forever in your eyes.


I sing for you,